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End-to-End Performance Solutions: Streamlining Business Growth

Push advertisement

Leveraging diverse digital channels for push advertising, we excel in extensive prospecting, driving growth and exceptional results for businesses.

Pull advertisement

Utilizing pull advertising strategies across major platforms to draw in customers, enhance conversions, and stimulate business growth.

SEO optimization

Elevating search rankings through SEO optimization, we boost organic traffic and enhance your online presence for lasting success.

Email Automation

Implementing email automation strategies, we efficiently engage subscribers, drive conversions, and foster enduring customer relationships.


Focusing on subsidiary channels, we generate proof of concept for customer acquisition plans, validating strategies and driving results.


We provide marketing expertise and invest in businesses, fueling growth and fostering shared prosperity for long-term success.

Graphic design

Delivering exceptional graphic design and content creation, we optimize ad success, captivating audiences and maximizing campaign performance.

Web development

Offering top-notch web development across platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Webflow, we create seamless, high-performance websites tailored to your business needs.


Empowering your team with tailored workshops and training, we address your unique business needs and equip you with targeted strategies for success.

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Strategy & Planning

We start strategizing and planning our approach


Streamlined execution in SCRUM framework


Customizable reporting & overview on data KPI's


Prep of long-term horisontal or vertical scale

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What they say about us has now been working with Nicklas and Malthe from Oaksmond for almost 2 years. We started with Facebook advertising and have expanded this year to include Google Ads and Google Shopping. We have experienced a significant increase in revenue and receive excellent guidance and consultation. We highly recommend Oaksmond.
Flemming Lund


Malthe has been invaluable in assisting with our startup. He has taken care of EVERYTHING related to Google Ads - even making Google our largest sales channel. Throughout the process, he has been incredibly responsive and helpful.
Stefanie Bork


Nicklas is extremely skilled at delivering quickly and efficiently. He contributes to strategic development opportunities and has a vast backlog of experiences to draw upon. He stays up to date with the latest developments within Facebook and can find solutions to the most intricate challenges. Thank you for a great collaboration.
Katrine Grønbek–Svendsen

Chief Marketing Officer, Leadtime

There is a sea of "Facebook experts" online, both agencies and individuals, with a 10-hour online education, fresh out of business school and eloquent. HOWEVER, none of them can hold a candle to a curious and genuine Facebook nerd, which is what Nicklas is. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Nicklas on several occasions regarding Facebook advertising, strategy, and go-to-market execution. I learn something every time, as Nicklas is able to explain it at a level where everyone can understand, even people without knowledge of advertising or Facebook. He is sharp on the economics behind it and delivers a solid report on your content's performance. An experienced gentleman in the industry with a wealth of success stories under his belt. Whether you are a start-up or a million-dollar business, you are in safe hands with Nicklas. Thank you for a strong collaboration.
Mads Pedersen


I am very satisfied with my collaboration with Oaksmond. They manage both my Google and SoMe ads. The team behind is always quick to answer questions and knows how to articulate their knowledge so that I always leave our meetings wiser. I have experienced a rapid adaptation, flexibility, and results-driven approach from Oaksmond, which I highly recommend.
Sigurd Birk

Founder, Bedst For Børn

Oaksmond is the perfect match for a business looking to expand its horizons in online marketing. The communication is exceptional, and they guide you through the entire process, ensuring you understand the impact of their expertise. Huge thumbs up!
Mathias Rosenkjær


We highly recommend Oaksmond. Nicklas is extremely competent in Facebook advertising, with a strong business acumen that makes him the best in his field. He has truly elevated our newly-started business to heights we could only dream of.

Co-Founder, Ølands Surdejsbageri

Nicklas Segatz has elevated our business to a whole new level. We have achieved a very high ROI and significantly better returns on our advertising budget. He is skilled and incredibly dedicated. In our eyes, he is not just a marketing expert but has become an invaluable part of the team. It is clear that Nicklas is passionate about helping businesses grow. There are far too many so-called experts out there who have a superficial understanding. Nicklas is not one of them. He is a top professional and an excellent sparring partner when it comes to Facebook advertising and business strategy. Highly recommended if you want to take your business to new heights.
Johannes Strange

Head Of Sales, Creol

Nicklas is an unparalleled talent when it comes to Facebook marketing. He has managed to elevate our Facebook advertising to new heights that no other agency has been able to achieve, while the cost per conversion has dropped drastically! Even after the latest update, which made targeting ads more challenging, Nicklas has been proactive with new initiatives to ensure his clients were not affected.I have had some questions for Nicklas, and he always returns with a comprehensive answer; everything is transparent, and there's no hiding if something didn't go as expected.As a company, we are incredibly pleased with Oaksmond. I am sure the other employees in the firm share the same enthusiasm and spirit as Nicklas, who has a talent in Facebook marketing I have not seen before.Oaksmond receives my warmest recommendation. I have never rated a marketing agency before, and for a good reason, Oaksmond is the first, and that says a lot.
Gzim Sokoli

Co-Owner, El-Grossisten

Great onboarding experience, everything is managed quickly and communication is great. Always feel as though ads are being optimised continuously and new strategies are being tested. Definitely recommend!
Lindsay Swaik

Head Of Sales & Marketing,  KF Beauty

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Nicklas Segatz Mortensen

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Multi-Certified Media Buyers

Multi-Certified Media Buyers: Expertly skilled in Facebook and Google ad programs, we maximize ROI and effectively navigate the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

Global Advertisement Expertise

Global Expansion Pioneers: Empowering firms with extensive experience to scale and advertise internationally, driving worldwide success.

Streamlined Processing

Streamlined Processing Masters: Harnessing optimized software solutions for agile work processing and seamless communication.

Omni-channel & Acquisition Specialists

Omni-Channel Savvy: Expertise in customer acquisition, excelling in seamless multi-platform advertising strategies.

Custom Reporting & Dashboard

Transparent Reporting Solutions: Customized reports and dashboards, designed for daily insights and 100% client satisfaction.

Datadriven Scale Experts

Data-Driven Scaling Experts: Excelling in global growth, adept at both horizontal and vertical expansion strategies.

Nicklas Segatz Mortensen

Growth Marketer | Facebook Ads Expert


Malthe Weibeck Thomsen

Growth Marketer | Google Ads Expert


Ditte Löfwall

Growth Marketer | Search Engine Expert


Ovidiu Joldea

Growth Marketer | Analyst & Sub Expert


Charlotte Straarup

Operations @ Eli&Friends.

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